Dudley Weighs In

BP CEO Bob Dudley has come out with some mixed opinions about Scottish independence. On the one hand, BP’s all for investing in Scotland, with record investments in the North Sea in the near future. On the other hand, he has raised doubts about how his company will handle independence.

His chief concern about it is how the two countries might handle a currency union. In all fairness, this is not his concern alone, and it is one that the yes campaign is shying away from by saying that talks will happen after a yes vote. If I’m going to stake my future on Scottish independence and agree with the SNP’s vision, I kinda want to know what exactly I’m agreeing to.

Of course, some Yes supporters retorted to Dudley’s comments by pointing out that anti-independence type George MacNeill (who goes by the pseudonym Lord Robertson) is a Special Adviser to BP. I suppose the idea that MacNeill and Dudley have legitimate concerns about the effect Scottish independence will have on their companies does not occur to your average Scottish nationalist, preferring instead to imagine unionists as irrational gremlins whispering propaganda to impressionable CEOs.

More useful as an argument is a helpful little infographic of some important and influential people coming out in favour of independence. Six to one so far. Still, Dudley’s opinion carries a lot of weight.

As two final things, here’s a piece about the importance of the UK and EU to Scotland’s economy. Fair enough, we live in an interconnected world, and everywhere is important to everyone’s economy.

And Michael Portillo has warned that independence could cost Cameron his job. I suppose that’s one person on the unemployment line I wouldn’t mind seeing. It’s a shame he’d lose a chance to be remember as anything other than the prime minister who presided over the death of the union.


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