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Right, let’s get on with it. Henry McLeish is making a new case for the union. I’ll admit, I’m sceptical about the idea that right-wing populism is alien to Scots. It seems like an idea right out of the independence playbook. When confronted with England’s growing far-right movements, we can pretend that we are simply possessed out of loftier moral fibre. That said, his thoughts are about right; the No campaign does need to take a more positive position. I’d say that Scottish Labour taking over the No campaign would be a smart move on their part.

In a distinctly scare-mongering note from “Project Hope,” the SNP are delighted to predict a maybe could perhaps potentially sort of cut Scotland’s budget at some time in the future. To be fair, they wouldn’t do it before the referendum and election. I certainly can’t predict the political future, and I don’t think the Tories are eager to do it as well. That said, would anyone really remember if they said they wouldn’t cut Scotland’s budget and then did? It would just be another broken promise. It seems to be more attempts by David Cameron and the Conservatives to appear above the whole Scottish Independence thing.

And finally, oil! Yup, oil out in Shetland, and BP wants to develop it. I’d put this down as another piece of evidence that Scotland’s oil and gas industry still has plenty life left in it.


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