More Things

Right, let’s get down to business then. What’ve we got?

I suppose the first thing is that the Scottish Referendum Act has received royal approval. I guess someone would be embarrassed if they forgot to dot that i.

The Yes Campaign likes to point out how unequal the UK is. Here’s an article that seeks to debunk that notion. Well, I like how they choose some other way of measuring inequality to prove the UK isn’t unequal. Perhaps they didn’t want to line up all the other ways to measure inequality and see how the UK fares there? To be fair, all the stories about how unfair the UK is focus on the UK. There is very little about how unequal Scotland is, and how unequal it will be after independence. Scotland has poverty, and quite severe poverty, along with an entrenched group of rich people. Scotland could easily be as unequal under independence as it is within the UK. But that is merely conjecture.

Finally, there’s a good article about Scotland and the EU. The writer obviously knows a thing or two about EU protocols, and strike a good blow for the pro-independence side. Still, their assertion that the EU simply has to let Scotland in is just a little too desperate. Politics is not a field where the rational wins out. This issue is far from settled.


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