Oops, looks like the BBC might be biased against the yes campaign. Well, this is good for me. I always felt that I was too much in favour of the yes campaign and rely too heavily on BBC articles. Guess this means I’ve actually been supporting the no campaign all along.

In all honesty, I’m not too convinced of this video. Russia Today always seems to tread a fine line between reporting things from a different side and getting different takes on stories, to being out right conspiratorial. Being that it is supported by the Russian government, I wouldn’t expect their stories to be free from an agenda. The piece really does rely on some fragmented quotes that could easily be taken out of context.

Well, I guess I shall reaffirm my faith in the BBC as I bring forth another barrage of BBC links. Here are some answers to Scottish independence questions. Worth looking at, in order to ensure nothing that affects you is included amongst the answers.

Not actually Scotland related, but Spain isn’t having anything to do with Catalonian independence. I suppose this shows up just how important a degree of good faith is between different groups in these kind of events. I don’t forsee this ending well. Thankfully, Westminster seems to have a much better idea how to deal with nationalist movements.

The yes campaign have hit back at a few of last week’s issues. A think tank has said that Scotland will obviously be part of the EU. Frankly, I’m not buying this analysis. It seems based on the idea that the EU will allow us to enter in the spirit of brotherly love and good faith, as if that is truly the basis of politics. They underestimate, in my opinion, the sort of dodgy deals that will almost definitely go on between now, 2014 and 2016. I won’t be convinced on the EU until, one, there is a definite legal framework in place that will guarantee Scotland will remain in the EU, and two, that enough key figures in the decision making process say that this will be the case. Laws are made by the people in power to suit their needs, and no amount of good faith will change that.

And finally, Morrisons has said that food prices could fall in an independent Scotland. Well, one out of four ain’t bad. Alas, I’m a habitual Sainsbury’s shopper, since they sell my favourite cheese. When they say the price of vintage dutch gouda is going down in an independent Scotland, that’ll be when I can wrap up this blog.


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