Food Prices

I’m not going to lecture you on the importance of food. I know it’s important, you know it’s important, my cat knows it’s important. As such, news that food may be more important in an independent Scotland is certainly worth considering. There’s a little bit more analysis of the issue here.

So far, we’ve got a lot of “this might sort of maybe happen” and “people said this, but they also said the opposite”. It wouldn’t happen immediately, and food prices are probably going to end up rising anyway. There are things the government can do to address the issue. Still, it’s not a good sign for independence.

A few other things; MSPs plan to reject the pay rise Westminster MPs will be getting. Honestly, not a smart move on Westminster’s MP’s part. People still remember the expenses scandal. Hell, the current government was built on the back of it. That said, I wonder if the MSPs know this, and their rejection is more of a calculated PR move than a commitment to keeping costs down.

Scotland will welcome immigrants. I think I’ve said before that immigration will play an important part in plugging holes in Scotland’s economy.

There’s a discussion of the role of emotion in the referendum. Worth a look, but I think this referendum will be fought in the head rather than the heart. Most people have already come down on one side emotionally, even if they’re floating voters. Most people in Scotland, I feel, are on the side of independence, but they need proper, reasoned arguments to convince them to vote. The no campaign doesn’t need to convince their hearts, just keep their heads from deciding, and, in my opinion, the status quo will win out.

Finally, tomorrow will see young people putting their questions to important people. The live link is already up on Youtube, so check it out when it’s ready.


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