Even More Stuff

These list of links blog posts are just my way of saying there’s too much to get through and I don’t have the time to process it all and actually come up with anything insightful to say. But we all already knew that.

Anyway, the House of Lords has retracted some of Scotland’s powers over renewables. This could be a problem for Scotland, as, not only does it have big plans for its renewable energy industry, but renewable energy will go a long way towards replacing the North Sea oil and gas. Not to mention, this was done by an unelected body. Losing the House of Lords wouldn’t be so bad, in the event of independence.

There’s a commentary on Scotland’s place in the EU. Well worth a read.

In relation to the SNP’s pension plans, Westminster has their own. Joke’s on them; my diet means I’ll never live to see 70! Ha!

There’s also a few budget statements to go over. George Osborne has promised £308 million for Scotland over the next two years, which does actually result in a cut. The Scottish Conservatives want the SNP to match Westminster’s efforts, but John Swinney is warning that greater tax cuts may result if Scotland doesn’t vote for independence.


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