EU Talk

So, the Spanish Prime Minister has said that an independent Scotland would have to apply from outside the EU. I suppose I’d say the same thing if I had as many independence movements as Spain to discourage. And of course, it doesn’t mean Spain would black Scotland joining the EU. I suppose they’d be hoping Gibraltar wants to leave the EU too.

Alexa Salmond has hit back. It should be pointed out that he didn’t contradict what Mariano Rajoy, but rather the “scaremongers” pointing out that not being part of the EU is a bit of a bad thing. Well, at the risk of being part of project fear, I’ll say that being kicked out of the EU is a bit of a bad thing. When I go into the voting booth next year, I don’t want any uncertainties about EU membership looming over my head. Whilst Scotland will, in my uneducated opinion, have to go through the application process, the SNP can still start stacking the deck in its own favour. Lobbying the key decision makers for an unofficial yes, ensuring and advertising that Scotland meets all the criteria, and essentially ensuring that on the 25th of March 2016 we join the EU would be the best policy the yes campaign could take.

As it stands, between now and September, I may just apply for my French passport.


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