White Paper on the Horizon and Others

Well, the story so big it’s worth talking before it happens is tomorrow. Keep your eyes here for when it breaks. Its immense length (670 pages) has led to claims (from yes campaign favourables) that it is the most comprehensive case for a country’s independence ever. Wish me lack trying to read through the entire thing.

Of course, that’s for tomorrow. In the mean time, there are a few other things worth checking out.

The government has provided a condensed version of Scotland’s balance sheet, which will be worth keeping as a reference, or scanning for inconsistencies.

The BBC looks at the consequences of the independence on the rest of the UK. This covers a number of important issues facing independence, a number of which still need to be resolved, along with potential solutions.

I mentioned the idea of Prestwick airport serving as a test of the government’s economic competence. Well, Glasgow airport doesn’t seem too fond of the idea. It’s still early days yet, and hopefully the government will provide a business plan for the airport before too long.

The Guardian has a pro-independence think piece. What resonated with me most was Robin McAlpine’s comments on independence as a political debate. I think British politics have stagnated in recent years. Scottish independence could be seen as just another symptom of this, along with the rise of Ukip. Whilst I hope that Scottish nationalism doesn’t have the same level of institutionalised tribalism, bigotry and xenophobia prevalent in Ukip (though this certainly exists in certain nationalists), along with a more comprehensive political platform compared to Ukip’s reactionary one, there are a number of similarities between the two, notably the desire to divorce one polity from a larger one. More than anything, I would want to see a Britain united, but undergoing some serious political reform, and ultimately, Scottish nationalism, if it doesn’t get independence, might at least offer a first step on that road.


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