Barnett Formula

Right, let’s get this out of the way quickly. Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael has made comments about the Barnett Formula and Europe.

It’s perhaps a little late to really get a good read of it. The yes campaign seems to be taking a leaf out of “the fear campaign’s” book and talking a lot of terror about that lost £4 billion. If the Barnett formula was abolished, I imagine it would be replaced by something, not just scraped altogether. If it was done by a Tory government, I have no doubt it would involve a decrease in funding for Scotland, at least the poorer parts, along with poorer parts of the UK in general.

What is more concerning for me is Carmichael’s pessimistic views on Europe. The rise of Ukip, and the threat of the UK leaving Europe is one of the issues that makes me favourable towards the yes campaign, provided it doesn’t get us kicked out the EU. It will be worth watching the European Parliament elections in May next year to see how the winds are blowing across the UK.


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