Radical Independence

There will be a radical independence conference held in Glasgow tomorrow, on Sunday the 24th. This will set out the radical case for an independent Scotland. It’s probably best to reserve judgement about the said radical case. Whilst I like the idea of different voices and political opinions, which are generally marginalised by the first past the post Westminster system, sometimes those voices and opinions are marginalised for a good reason. As such, I will be open to consider what these radicals have to say, and will endeavor to research and report back on what they have to say.

On an unrelated note, Prestwick airport is being taken into public ownership. I mentioned in the Grangemouth posts about how taking a private asset into public ownership can be considered a test for independence. The government’s handling of the airport will put their economic competence to the test. Let’s hope, for the sake of all those employed by the airport, that Prestwick will start turning a profit again soon.


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