White Paper Imminent

So, we are less than a week away from the SNP’s long-awaited white paper on independence, an event so big that anticipation of the event is a story in itself. It’s going to be a real game changer. The biggest criticism of the Yes campaign I seem to hear is that they haven’t provided any facts about independence. This report will change all that. And of course, the SNP’s report will be followed by a number of other reports from the other political parties, most of them campaigning for the no vote.

The BBC has a nice summary of some of the issues here, and also a hefty library of their articles here. The Scottish government have a condensed version of their economic report here, for those not wanting to wade through all 200 pages of the full document.

Hopefully, once the white paper is released, it’ll put an end to these sorts of criticisms. As much as I hate to agree with a Tory, the SNP have been generally quiet on how they plan on managing their social welfare plans. The oil and gas, while it lasts, can only stretch so far. Of course, the no campaign have the status quo on their side, and I think until September 17th, they’ll still be questioning whether the SNP really can deliver their on their promises, in order to sew doubts into the voters minds.


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