Andy Murray Said What?

Apparently, today is a dry day as far as news about the referendum goes. So dry, that Andy Murray not coming down on either side of the debate is the most news-worthy event this morning. Both sides have jumped on this story, with the No side saying silence can mean whatever they want it to, and then the Yes side jumping at the chance to appear as high and mighty as possible.

It seems highly appropriate that this furor would revolve around a sporting figure. Sports have always been a bastion for tribalism and nationalism, and this shows up the aggressive and divisive nature of both sides. No offense to Andy Murray, but his opinion does not add anything to the debate. He doesn’t clarify any issues, he doesn’t provide any solutions, he doesn’t illuminate any potential problems. A thousand Andy Murrays coming out on either side would not affect the debate in anyway.

Unfortunately, he shows up that neither side is truly interested in an informed debate, the better to decide on the best option for Scotland’s future. Both sides are interested in power politics, and Andy Murray represents a chance to increase the prestige of their side. He may not convince, but he will impress. And that seems to be what matters to the Yes and No campaigns.

Of course, since this post has so far only served to smugly imply that I am above politics (I’m not) and the sole force for truth and objectivity in the world (I’m far too stupid and lazy for that), I should at least provide some information of genuine merit.

Firstly, we have a helpful little picture of the Scottish governments post-independence economic powers. Of course, one would assume this is no less than what all sovereign nations enjoy. It also doesn’t say what they would do with those powers. Still, a handy little reference.

And, most importantly, there will be a major economic report released in the near future. This will provide us with a road map for what the government will do with full control over Scotland’s economy. This will result in no small amount of analysis over the coming months, as well as a framework to interpret new political developments.


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