A Few Things

Just a few little things to consider. The CBI says UK businesses want to stay in Europe. Why is this important to my decision on Scottish independence? Well, since I have a vague notion that I am in favour of European integration, Scotland and the UK’s stance on the EU is important to me. The rise of UKIP and increasing Euroscepticism in Westminster does make me more favourable towards independence as a way of maintaining EU membership. Also, the current political and financial situation in Europe does put my Europhilic beliefs to the test. This story puts me at ease over the UK’s place in Europe.

Also, Alex Salmond is paling it up wit’ the Chinese. Eh, it’s what I would have done. I guess he has to explain why the pandas didn’t give birth. And trying to sell them oil and gas aplenty, along with increasing whisky sales. In fact, I like his approach so much, apparently, that I will be in China for the next week and a bit. The First Minister has made me seem like a bit of a copy cat.


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