UK Ranks High In Energy Sustainability

I’m not done talking about oil and gas, not by a long shot. The World Energy Council has released a report that ranks the UK as fifth in the world for energy sustainability. Ranking behind Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden and Austria (which, as small European countries always seem to be perfect in every way), it’s a good show for the UK. It also managed to beat out a number of major oil and gas juggernauts (Canada, US, Russia, I’m looking at you) based on its more balanced behaviour.

However, the report also shows a number of declining trends in the UK’s energy industry. Energy security and energy equity are down, alongside political and economic strength. Social strength is unmoved, but at least environmental sustainability is on the increase.

Well, how does this affect the case for independence. I’d say the downturn in political and economic strength points to a need for real political reform. Whether this means out and out independence, an overhaul of the current Westminster political system or the out and out revolution that Russell Brand has been advocating, I can’t say. Still, the UK is still a balanced and capable player in energy game, even if it has room for improvement.


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