Statistics and Roundup 2

Finally, we get exactly what we need, a statistics reference guide for Scottish independence. Now the all-too convenient facts used by both sides of the argument can be verified or debunked.

The Scotsman has an article where they put the guide to good use.

There are a few other things to consider:

There’s an article about the effect independence would have on the UK’s defence. With Scotland providing such a proportionally large slice of the British Armed Forces, it makes Cameron’s recent snub of independence as a Scottish issue seem rather foolish.

Tommy Robinson has quit the EDL. Anything that weakens the current upsurge in right-wing politics in England makes me a good deal happier about remaining in the UK.

Clegg defends EU membership. As someone in favour of the EU, and obviously worried about UKIP and the EU referendum, I’m happy that there’s a voice for staying in the EU. A lot of how I’ll vote in the referendum will be based around Scotland and the UK’s relationship with the UK.


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