A BBC news story reports that the majority of Scots feel Scottish, as opposed to British.

I think that this is a really important piece of information when trying to predict the outcome of the referendum. Scottish independence is as much an emotional issue as it is an intellectual issue. I feel that the tug of war between the yes and no camps is going to go on through the coming year, and that this will leave most of the electorate exhausted. For a lot of people, and in all honesty, myself included, the decision will only come in the voting booth and will probably have more do with heart and gut than head.

My mother mentioned a radio interview with a young Scottish nationalist, who said that every undecided voter he talk to was generally swayed towards a yes within five minutes. This is not implausible to me. an independent Scotland is an exciting idea. Even people who don’t have a reasoned opinion on independence do have a strong emotional feeling about independence, and I think this is going to be as big as, if not bigger a determiner for people’s choice come 2014.

I also think it’s why I seem to be so ambivalent about independence. The truth is, I identify as European a lot more than Scottish or British. I have a French father, a German surname, Most book I read are by German, French and Russian writers and most music I listen to is by French, German or Italian composers. At the risk of embarrassing myself, I didn’t even know I lived in the UK until relatively late childhood. I was raised mostly on American TV shows and movies, and a considerable number of video games, also American and probably predominately Japanese. I don’t even think I completely understood the political makeup of the UK until I was in my teens.

It is perhaps strange that, whilst I created this blog to help myself engage with the political elements of independence, the real determiner for my political opinions is actually all the cultural elements I find far more exciting. I’ve never really had much to do with Scottish culture, which is something the pro-independence people seem really into. Scotland, independent or part of the UK, is fine by me, so long as it is part of the world.


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